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The Third Month


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Last night we took my parents out for their birthaversary. We went to the Football game – Stamps vs Argos. It was a beautiful night for a game. That said I thought we had tickets on the sunny side of the stadium so I dressed accordingly. When we got there we realized that our seats [...]

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Oh my god baby boy, when did you get so big on me? I know, I know it was right around the same time your wee little seester came into our world. All of a sudden you were this massive boy. No longer my unsteady toddler, you are a walking, talking menace to my sanity [...]

Afternoon Delight


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The last few days have been a bit insane around here. Ben is going through some sort of sleep regression lately or is planning on abandoning his afternoon nap even though he I need it desperately and so on any given day nap time and bed time are a bit of a shit show. Throw [...]

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Ben is growing up before our eyes and his language skills are killing us. But that doesn’t always mean that he understands what we are saying, which we often exploit mercilessly for our own amusement. Other times he shows comedic genius just by trying to follow along with conversations. For instance this morning Evan was [...]